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  We Pride ourselves in making sure that we stay true to the following values. This is a huge factor in what separates us from our competitors.

Our Employees

We believe that when given the right resources, support and tools, our employees are able to thrive. This is why we continually train our staff and update our practice to include the latest innovative equipment and techniques. Furthermore, by honoring our hard-working cleaners, ABS is able to foster a company culture that values and practices dedication, respect, and responsibility- giving our best effort in every job we undertake.

Transparency and Open Communication

We at American Building Service know the importance of clear, concise and continual communication with our clients. By partnering with and carefully listening to our customers, we are able to address their particular concerns and meet their janitorial/maintenance requirements.

Honesty & Integrity

We treat all of our stakeholders with the greatest level of dignity and hold ourselves to the highest standards of business ethics when serving our valued clientele or when working with our irreplaceable partners and vendors. 


ABS is committed to providing exceptional building maintenance services at a reasonable and fair price. We recognize the financial strain many businesses undertake to operate and therefore are flexible in both our pricing and service routines. We take good care of both company and client resources and partner with customers to design a service schedule that will accommodate their budget.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are a customer-driven company, and customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance at ABS.  Our management team is available 24/7, 365 days out of the year, to respond to any maintenance issues and janitorial emergencies. In addition, our staff conducts frequent quality control checks to assure our cleaners are meeting American Building Service’s performance standards. 

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