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Meet our founder,

president & ceo

As a newly arrived immigrant from a small European country, Rui Canha began his janitorial career at the age of 24 by working as a custodian for a small company in the Bay Area. Over the years, he grew weary of working under another individual and mustered the courage to make a change. In 1987, at the age of 28, he founded American Building Service and, a few years later, landed a contract with then, Pacific Bell (now AT&T). Three decades later and AT&T remains one of the company’s largest and most valued clients.

Rui understands the importance of customer relationships, and believes his meticulous attention to detail and constant communication with his clients are assets that have helped his company reach the growth it holds today. His passion for offering only high-quality and trustworthy janitorial services is evident through his frequent, personal on-site visits to the facilities ABS cleans.  He is a direct point of contact when managing accounts and is subsequently hands on in the day to day operations of the business, both on the field and in the office. He prides himself on possessing a genuine work-ethic, strong attention to detail, and an eagerness to expand his knowledge of the industry.


With over 30 years of experience, Rui is incredibly well-informed when it comes to the products, services, standards and guidelines utilized in the industry. He has built his business upon an excellent reputation for its honesty, reliability, loyalty and diligent attention to every aspect of your company's requirements.

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